Here's the thing...

If it needs written, I will write it. My whole purpose behind doing this work is to help spread LGBTQ+ stories, work, and art like BUTTAH.

Whatever I can do to help you accomplish that mission, I would love to chat about. But keep scrolling to read my full packages.

One of them may be a just the right fit for your needs. If not, book a call anyway. If you've made it this far, chances are I'm the writer for you and we can talk through how I can help with whatever you have on your plate.


If you have just built your site, are building out a new site or just want a refresh/edit of what you already have, this package is for you.

We love a DIY queen but this is for those who need someone to step in, listen to the mission, catch the vibe and translate it into written word (most likely from scratch).


  • I will write up to 5 pages of your website (let's chat if you feel you need more than this).
  • We'll have a kickoff call in which I'll ask you all of the pressing questions, dig into the soul searching stuff and probably show you what my dogs are up to at the moment.
  • I'll then stalk aaaaaallll of your content (posts, IGTVs, Reels, Podcast Episodes, you name it) familiarizing myself with your voice (congrats, you now have a new BFF who knows you well).
  • I'll create the first draft of all of the content in Google Docs and turn them over to you for review.
  • Whether on Voxer, Zoom or Google Drive (you tell me what feels best for your needs), we'll work through two rounds of edits and finesse.

Sounds perfect. How much?

Baseline investment: $1,500 (payment plans available)

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Trust me, it's hard enough to get clear and consistent with OURSELVES as LGBTQ+ humans... let alone carry that in to external business world.

I have your back for either one off or regular gig work.

This could look like:

  • 30 worth of Instagram captions
  • Writing the sales page for your new product or offer
  • Hammering out an email sequence for you

Have something else in mind? I'm currently taking 3 clients per month so book a call and let's talk it out!

Starting at: $600 (payment plans available)


This one is pretty straight forward. I will write all of your blog content for you, 1500-2000 words each.

I'm happy to chat about combining this offer with social caption offers if you're looking to repurpose content across channels, just let a girl know!

Starting at: $150 per blog post

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