hey, I'm braidyn.

My pronouns are they/them. I'm a queer human living in a converted Ford Transit van with my two dogs, Mannie and Ben.

I decided to get into this work after many many years following the "traditional" route.

Right after high school, I went to college, worked 2-3 jobs nearly the entire time, finally graduated and moved to "the big city".

I then spent 5 years in a cube, posing as the cis straight person I appeared to be.

Through confronting BS dress codes, long hours, fluorescent lighting, shrinking, conforming, and half hearted interactions, I slowly learned this was not going to be my forever gig.

I left the corporate world behind to chase something that felt better, more authentic and more impactful.

So now, here I am. Telling my story boldly to all who will listen and hoping to help you do the same.



Braidyn standing in front of a barn door, smiling.