LGBTQ+ Content & Copywriter | Braidyn Browning

Helping LGBTQIA+ business owners get super fucking clear on their offers through written word. Whether you need an accountability buddy or someone to take it off of your hands completely, I'm here to help you pour your unique sauce into your website, sales pages, social copy and more. 

Girl crouched in front of a white Ford Transit van with a silver pug on one side and a tan/brown dog on the other side.

hey, I'm braidyn.

I'm a twenty something queer human (they/them) living in a van with my two dogs, Mannie and Ben.

After following the traditional life route:

  • Moved out of my small hometown and to the city
  • College
  • Career
  • Cubicle
  • Even dated a few dudes... (don't judge me... some of us take a bit longer to sort our shit out)

I decided that it was time to listen to the intuitive voice that had been politely tapping me on the shoulder for years.

I finally turned around, looked at her dead in the face and accepted the hand extended out to me... waiting for me to come home.

Chasing this career online and living on the road is more than just a couple of life decisions. It has been my destiny to live freely, to belong everywhere and to connect with those whom I can truly serve since day one.

The difference now is that I listen carefully to that voice that was just a faint tap all those years ago. I work harder, live bigger and laugh louder because it is who I am truly meant to be. I live and work authentically without apology and I hope to help you do the same.

Telling authentic LGBTQ+ stories

If you're browsing around this site wondering what I do for a living and why the hell you should care:

I help LGBTQ+ business owners and entrepreneurs craft trauma informed content and copy to help them sell their offers. In this work, I've learned that all too often, queer business owners find themselves burnt out or at a lost for how to craft their messaging. We're not just learning how to market ourselves, we also fighting social norms, battling internalized homophobia and putting ourselves and our queerness out there on a scale we've probably never done before.

It can take a lot out of us just to get through the day to day. My job is to help you through those road blocks and craft a story that not only tells your audience who you are and how you can help but that also takes your experiences as a business owner into consideration.

We have all been shamed and manipulated by traditional business practices and marketing tactics. It's time to cut that shit out and crank out more authentic story telling.

If your business values true, trauma informed, and transparent sales, I'd love to chat with you.

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